Shadow squad is an elite clone trooper squad led by mercenary Cpt. Zenor Verdow and 1st Lt. Scern. The team has 6 members (Zenor, Scern, Ash, Charger, Theta, Iron.)


Shadow squad is an elite ARC trooper unit that was trained by Cpt. Zenor Verdo, he liked the group so much he became their commanding officer. Shadow squad has been on numerous missions such as hostage rescue, anti terror, and black ops.


All equipment shared between the group:

They have control of the following ships from the 1st Republic Fleet: 1 of 2 Eclipse-Class super star destroyers, 1 of 3 Pelta-Class frigates, 1 moddded Acclamator II, 1 of 4 Dreadnought-calls heavy cruisers, and 1 of 3 Acclamator I-Class assault ship.

1 AIAT/i gunship that has 2 pilots, carries 56 passengers, 1 ISP swamp speeder, 4 BARC speeder bikes, 1 medical droid, and is amed with 2 twin laser turrets, 1 rear laser turret, concussion missiles, and 1 forward mounted proton launcher.

2 Firespray-31 class attack craft that has 1 pilot, 6 passengers, and is armed with 2 twin blaster cannons, 2 repeating laser cannons, warhead launchers (concussion missiles or proton torpedoes), and gravity mines.

6 modified Rogue-class starfighters each has 1 pilot, and is armed with repeating laser cannons, proton torpedo launchers, and advanced cloaking technology.

Base D-55 on dantooine. All republic weapons and gear are available to the squad.

SgtMaj. Charger was known to use a MWC-35c repeating cannon and 2 DC-17 blaster pistols. 2nd LT. Ash was known to use a DC-17m inter-changable weapons system. GySgt. Theta was known to use 1 DC-15a blaster rifle, and DC-15s blaster. Cpl. Iron was known to use a DC-15s blaster, and an RPS-6 rocket launcher.

All of them have Thermal detonators, Medkits, Comlink/Holoprojectors built into one of their gloves, Macro binoculars, flare gun with 3 flares, ration packs, and a grappling kit.

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