Wookie Bounty1

Cyn Goldonbur


Cyn's ship named Typhoon


Cyn's pet reek Rokon's dad was captured and put into the Geonosian arena.

Age: 120. Race: Wookiee. Height: 8'9. Cyn is a wookiee mercenary working with the Republic.

Background Edit

Cyn Goldonbur lived on Kyyyshek happily with his parents, however on a fateful day a Sith Lord came to his home and believing they held a sith holocron killed both of his parents. Cyn grew up on his own and when he became old enough traveled around his planet soon he stumbled upon a old bounty hunters base realizing what he could do Cyn took what he wanted (including a ship) and left his home forever. Later he was on a mission on Malastare and met up with a mandalorian named Logon Foster the two shortly ran into a man named Chancellor Palatine, Cyn realized he was the Sith Lord that killed his parents and in a rage after Logan stabbed him, Cyn snapped his back in half and threw him over a ledge. Cyn is now helping the Republic.

Equipment Edit

Cyn has a customized wookie bowcaster, it can turn from a bowcaster into a sniper rifle and light repeater cannon. He also wields two vibro swords made of phrik, he has deadly claws he grew out and has electrified vibro gauntlets that shock foes. He sometimes carries a huge Taser rifle and uses that to stun his enemies. He is a genius with explosives and made thousands of different types of bombs that he uses on specific missions. He has also reprogrammed multiple buzz droids that he uses to sabotage his enemy's operations. He has three pets he takes on occasions a reek named Rokar and two male nexu named Nyx and Jyx.

Ships&Bases Edit

Cyn has a small outpost on Ilium that he uses to spy on the Jedi, his ship is a customized CIS Trident-Class assault ship retro fitted for 1 pilot and 8 passengers armed with 8 blaster cannons, 4 warhead launchers, gravity mine layer, and 1 heavy blaster cannon to fit to his bounty hunter needs.

Republic Contract Edit

Cyn has command of the 82nd elite battalion commanded by ARC-1178 or Nexu, ARC-1179 or Reek, and ARC-1180 or Ackalay named after the poor creatures that died in the geonosian arena. He also has permission to take whatever he needs from the Republic arsenal. And thanks to the Senate he has permission to hunt rogue Jedi and any Sith without Senate approval. He gets 200,000 credits every galactic standard year.

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