Age: 25. Race: Human. Height: 6'2. Captain Zenor Verdo is a mercenary hired by the republic to help fight the separatists.


Zenor was born on Correllia, his parents were killed by
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ARC trooper armor

pirates when he was 13, after which he was raised/adopted by Logan Trel's family until he was 18. Now he works with the republic, training/leading ARC troopers. He works as the leader of Shadow squad, an elite ARC trooper unit.


He has 3 sets of armor, a MK II Palladian blaster rifle, TL-50 heavy repeater, 2 WESTAR-35 blaster pistols, DLT-19x sniper rifle, Thermal imploders, Smoke grenades, JT-12 Jet pack, and a


Mandalorian armor

standard issue republic survival kit.

Mandalorian armor equipped with jetpack/warhead launcher, flashlights on helmet, advanced HUD, flamethrower, wrist rocket, grappling hook, dart launcher, Pressurized for space, comlink and Holoprojector in left palm.

Ships and BasesEdit

He owns 1 HWK-290 light freighter that requires 1-2 pilots, carries 6 passengers, and is armed with dual laser cannons and concussion missiles. 1 heavily modified Belbullab-23 starfighter that has 1 pilot, is armed with triple laser cannons, concussion missile tubes, proton bombs, and advanced cloaking technology. He
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Old Republic Havoc Armor

operates out of Base D-55 on dantooine, he found the abandoned old republic base and decided to take it as his own.

Republic contractEdit

Zenor's contract offers him the command of 1 squad, and partnered control of the 1st Republic Fleet, 200,000 credits every galactic standard year, Access to the full republic armory, and access to republic black ops files.

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