A few of the known active clone groups.


501st legion (Jedi General: Anakin Skywalker, Clone Captain: Rex)

798th legion (Jedi High General: unknown, Clone leader: ARC-3465-39 or Havoc)

707th legion (Jedi High General: unknown, Clone leader: ARC-3479-28 or Blitz)

327th star Corp (Jedi High General: Ayyla Secura, Clone Commander: CC-5052 or Bly)


212th attack battalion (Jedi General: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clone Commander: CC-2224 or Cody)

Rancor battalion (Jedi General: unknown, ARC Commander: Colt)

Nexu battalion

Ackalay battalion

81st demolitions battalion

Krayt Dragon dessert combat battalion

3291st forest combat battalion (Jedi General: Luminara Unduli, Clone Commander CC-1004 or Gree))

101st special operations battalion (Leader: CC-1993 or Jet)

312th airborne battalion (Leader: CC-1119 Or Appo)

5th Courascant battalion/Courascant guard (Leader: CC-1010 or Fox)

82nd Elite battalion (Mercenary leader: Cyn Goldonbur, Clone leader: ARC-1178 or Nexu)

Companies Edit

Torrent Company (Jedi General: Anakin skywalker, Clone leader: CT-7567 or Rex)


349th mechanized regiment (Leader: CC-5467 or Jack)

36th pathfinder regiment (Jedi General: Stass Allie, Clone Commander: CC-8826 or Neyo)

Myynok special ops regiment (Leader: CT-43/76-9155 or Jorir)

208th swampland assault regiment (Leader: CT-7482 or Lock)

621st urban assault regiment (Leader: CC-5576-39 or Gregor)

111th underwater assault regiment (Leader: CT-2197 or Jarad)


Shadow squad (Captain: Cpt. Zenor Verdo)

Domino squad (Leader: ARC-27-5555 or Fives)

Delta squad (Leader: RC-1138 or Boss)

78th force user detainment squad (Leader: unknown)

Alpha squad (Leader: unknown)

Wolf pack (leader: CC-3636 or Wolffe)

Chancellor's escort squad (Leader: CT-4891 or Kagi)

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