The 204th is under the command of RADM. Lihsto Azatto


The ships that form the 204th.

(Capitol ship) 1 Subjugator-class heavy cruiser with a crew of 25,350, 600,000 passengers, is armed with ion pulse cannons, heavy turbolaser batteries, medium turbolaser batteries, point-defense laser cannons, tractor beam projectors, proton torpedo launchers, and it carries 144 fighters, 48 gunships/shuttles, and 50 support vehicles.

(Heavy cruiser) 1 providence-class dreadnaught with a crew of 600, 48,257 living passengers, 1.5 million deactivated battle droids, is armed with quad turbolaser cannons, dual turbolaser cannons, heavy ion cannons, point-defense laser cannons, proton torpedo tubes, tractor beams, and it carries 240 fighters/gunships, 2 shuttles, 8 landing craft, and 440 support vehicles. 

(Destroyer/frigate) 2 munificent-class star frigates with crews of 200, 1,000 living passengers, 150,000 deactivated battle droids, are armed with heavy pros turbolaser cannons, heavy long range ion cannons, twin turbolaser cannons, light turbolaser cannons, point-defense laser cannons, a hyperwave jammer, and 240 fighters/gunships.

(Light destroyer) 2 recusant-class light destroyers with crews of 300, 2,000 living passengers, 40,000 deactivated battle droids, armed with heavy prow turbolaser cannons, heavy turbolaser cannons, heavy turbolaser turrets, turbolaser cannons, dual-laser cannons, dual light laser cannons, point-defense laser cannons, and carries 240 fighters, 2 gunship/shuttles, and 1 landing craft.

(Frigate/transports) 2 Diamond-class cruisers with crews of 148, 48 passengers, armed with forward facing laser cannon batteries, laser cannon emplacements, and carries 3,000 support vehicles.

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