Age: 10 (actual) 24 (appearance). Race: Jango Fett clone. Height: 6'0. Scern is an (ex-ARF trooper) ARC trooper in the clone army.


Scern and his squad were the top of their class and were trained by Cpt. Zenor Verdo, after seeing how well they fought he became their squads commanding officer. Scern's squad were ARF troopers but because they performed so well they became ARC troopers, but Scern still prefers his ARF trooper armor. 


Scern uses multiple ARF trooper armors each specified for a different environment, a DLT-19x sniper rifle, Z-6 rotary cannon, RPS-7 rocket launcher, DC-15a blaster rifle, thermal imploders, smoke grenades, JT-12 jetpack, anti-vehicle mines, and LX-1 flechette mines.

Scern flies a heavily modified clon Z-95 starfighter the original was a single seater craft with wing mounted blasters and receded torpedo bays, after his modifications it has 1 pilot, 1 gunner turret, wing-tip mounted blasters, receded torpedo bays, forward mounted blaster cannons, and advanced cloaking technology.

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