The 101st Republic Fleet.


The 101st Republic Fleet is not led an admiral but rather by several mercenaries hired by the republic. The 101st has been on numerous missions, and has never lost, but they have only fought against battle droid commanders never a mercenary hired by the CIS.


(Capital ship) 1 Mandator II-class star dreadnaught has a crew of 9,000, 100,000 passengers, is armed with quad turbolasers, dual heavy turbolasers, tractor beam projectors, heavy turbolaser cannons, heavy proton torpedo launchers, concussion missile tubes, heavy ion cannons, and point-defense laser cannons, it carries 450 starfighters (ARC-170,Y-wings,V-19 torrent), 200 gunships/shuttles, 150 walkers, 25 HAVw A6 juggernauts, 350 BARC speeders and 2 prefabricated garrison bases.

(Star destroyers) 2 Venator-class star destroyers with a crew of 7,400, 2,000 passengers, is armed with DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turrets, medium dual turbolaser cannons, point-defense laser cannons, tractor beam projectors, heavy proton torpedo launchers, and carries 420 starfighters (ARC-170,Y-wings,V-19 torrent), 40 gunship/shuttles, 24 walkers, and 1 prefabricated garrison base.

(Light cruiser) 4 Arquitens-light cruiser has 2 pilots, 20 passengers, and is armed with quad turbolaser turrets, dual turbolaser cannons, and missile tubes (concussion missiles or proton torpedoes).

(Heavy cruiser) 2 Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers with crews of 2,200, 3,000 passengers, armed with turbolaser cannons, quad turbolaser cannons, turbolaser batteries, warhead launchers (concussion missiles or proton torpedoes), and carries 1 gunship/shuttle, 12 ARC-170 starfighters, and 12 walkers.

(Assault ship/landing craft) 3 Acclamator I-class assault ships with 900 crewmembers, 16,000 passengers, armed with heavy quad turbolaser cannons, point-defense laser cannons, proton torpedo launchers, and it carries 80 gunship/shuttles, 320 BARC speeders, 80 walkers, and 5 HAVw A6 juggernauts.

(Medical Frigates) 2 pelta-class frigates with 900 crew members, 800 passengers/wounded, is armed with light-turbolaser batteries, tractor beam batteries, point-defense light laser cannons, and each has an escort of 4 ARC-170 starfighters.

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